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Online Portals for Non-profit & Trade Associations


Portals can help trade associations both distribute and gather information, documents, news from their chapters, virtual offices, and special interest groups. Readyportal’s unique ability to create sub-portals and microsites with consistent branding can help non-profits and trade associations monetize their information knowledge and attract additional members. These members can be organized based on their interest or regional affiliations to create customized and individualized portals for collaboration purposes.

Institutions and non-profits around the world rely on Readyportal to reach their goals faster and for less. As trade associations and non-profits engage with an increasingly distributed and diverse web of shareholders, Readyportal gives them the tools needed to seamlessly execute on their tasks, from start to finish.

Whether you are a part of a government institution or autonomous non-profit or trade association, Readyportal can make your team more responsive and productive, allowing them to experience the success they deserve through a portal platform they can get behind.




  • Store and exchange documents protected by industry standard security
  • Enforce security protocols through a controlled, password-protected workspace and folder-level security control
  • Sync comments and changes across your devices or even take work offline
  • Control who interacts with your content and how they can interact with it on a folder level
  • Integrate security requirements onto your mobile devices
  • Control your documents’ entire lifecycle –specify how users can interact with them, and when they expire.


  • Access, review and collaborate on your documents through a secure company workspace
  • See changes, search critical information and review progress through version control


  • Store all your documents in one centralized location, easily searchable by your admins and accessible from any of your devices
  • Extend the efficiency of collaboration by keeping documents accessible to only your most relevant team members
  • Create a complete decision audit trail and reduce the challenges of ongoing compliance by never losing track of your most important information


  • Access your documents where you need them, when you need them –mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Work with peace of mind –your mobile Readyportal is encrypted with powerful security.


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