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Collaboration in the healthcare industry must contend with a growing number of unique challenges including a greater need for security and an increasing focus on governance and best practices due to the strict regulatory environment. To provide enhanced quality of care for the end consumer, both physicians and executives must find ways to avoid being derailed by these challenges. With Readyportal, medical professionals of all capacities, whether in Research, Practice or Administration, can improve their efficiencies –using a suite of integrated collaboration tools built upon robust member access controls and enterprise-grade security to effectively break down debilitating silos.

Healthcare professionals trust Readyportal to deliver a process that is customized to fit the client’s business processes. Simply put, it works a lot better than cookie cutter, out of the box solutions. Let us show you how much your team can accomplish once you eliminate barriers hindering usability and communication.


Features and Benefits


  • Minimize time-consuming app switching and management through a single, centralized workspace.
  • Witness changes and track progress through intuitive version control
  • Contextualize collaboration with in-line commenting and scripted alerts
  • Control document access and enforce restrictions to prevent forwarding, downloading, deleting, or uploading new version


  • Enable access to the most up-to-date information from a mobile device.
  • Create a password-protected workspace that meets compliance requirements.
  • Annotate your document and share your thoughts through a feature-rich visualization
  • Monitor and control access to your documents through selective authorization and user-group management


  • Share files and folders from leading enterprise content and document management systems securely.
  • Involve external teams into your workflow while retaining complete control.
  • Access records and a complete audit trail to help shed light on compliance matters, document history and activity.


  • Enterprise-level security and tracking functionality
  • Protect your workspace with passwords and folder-level control to maintain compliance with the company’s policy and security requirements
  • Integrate security requirements onto your mobile devices
  • Control forwarding, downloading, deletion, uploading and your document’s expiration dates.

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