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What is Triyo?


Triyo makes enterprise collaboration effective by seamlessly embedding comments and conversations within the process of creating and approving documents and ideas – effectively replicating natural group behaviors in a secure environment.


Who is it for?


Triyo is particularly helpful to large knowledge-based professional enterprises such as financial services firms, consulting, and legal services, where collaboration happens around unstructured processes, approvals and multiple touch points.


Why is it needed?


  • Time : Saves time spent searching within emails for message trails related to specific documents or analysis
  • Money : Reduces scope for potentially expensive communication errors
  • Compliance : Searchable audit trail, with all information stored contextually, minus the potentially damaging “water cooler” chatter
  • Information : Analytics around data that is embedded within processes, helping improve the quality of work produced


Why does it work?


While consultants, lawyers, bankers and asset managers recognize the value of process based collaboration, they have tended to eschew complex and “clunky” enterprise collaboration tools and fall back on emails. Triyo helps improve adoption by providing a simple, flexible interface for the user, while making it easy for corporate IT teams to integrate Triyo within their existing infrastructure, at an attractive price point.


Additionally here are links to a McKinsey white paper and a Bloomberg article that highlight the value of Triyo. A brief demo of Triyo helps visualize how organizations can improve their processes and create efficiencies.

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