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Meet Our Team

We’re a team of passionate and experienced professionals from all walks of life. Though our backgrounds couldn’t be more diverse (especially once you get to know us!), we’re united by our shared mission to create software that simplifies your work life.

Rajiv Chatterjee
Founder and CEO
Rajiv founded Debut Logic Inc. (Debut Logic) in 2006 as a software consulting company. Through his vision and leadership, Debut Logic built Readyportal, a SaaS-based social collaboration platform serving the needs of a broad range of companies ranging from the Fortune 500 to Non-Profits and Trade Associations. Prior to Readyportal, Rajiv acquired the know-how to helm a multi-national technology company through his work for several startups in San Francisco. Rajiv led the professional services and account management teams as Director of Services at Wego Systems (acquired by Lightspeed Inc.), resolved strategy and operational issues with a host of shareholders at CyberAd Global Consulting, and excelled as a Divisional Manager for Indonesia-based PT. Ames Indah Internation, a leading commodities trading company in Southeast Asia. Rajiv holds a B.A. in economics from the National Defense Academy of India and a B.S. in liberal arts (cum laude) from the University of Houston.
Amit Sinha
Advisor - Corporate Development
Amit is based in New York and helps ReadyPortal with strategy and business development, primarily focused on developing solutions to help financial services businesses enhance collaboration and productivity. Amit has over 15 years of experience in capital markets and investing. In 2006 he co-founded JPMorgan’s pension advisory group where he played a key role in growing the business to over $20 billion in assets. In 2011 he helped sell the business to Pacific Life, where he joined the management team of Pacific Global Advisors. As the head of business development and technology strategy, he overhauled PGA’s approach to technology to make it into a data and process driven scalable investment business. He is currently incubating a systematic multi-asset fund for Pacific Life, Outside of work, he enjoys the simple pleasures of running, traveling and learning from his two children.
Puneet Malhotra
VP Finance
Puneet is based out of Toronto and helps ReadyPortal with finance and strategy, primarily focused on attracting capital and driving projects in the financial services space. Puneet has over 12 years of experience in financial services and strategy consulting. Between 2006 and 2011, Puneet worked as a sell side research analyst covering small to mid cap technology and telecommunication hardware companies. Subsequent to his role on the sell side, Puneet led investor relations activity at Manulife Financial helping them set up their Investor Relations function in Asia out of Hong Kong. At the same time, he drove key M&A and business development initiatives for Manulife in Asia. In 2015, Puneet joined PwC's strategy consulting arm (Strategy&) with a focus on driving business and operational strategies for Banking and Capital Markets clients. He currently works as an independent consultant developing machine learning and predictive analysis solutions in investment research and financial markets. Outside of work, Puneet enjoys sports, travelling and stand-up comedy.
Mary Couse
VP Client Onboarding & Support
Mary brings extensive experience in needs assessment, content creation and process development to ensure the success of your Web initiatives. We're still not quite sure how she does it but her expertise includes Project Management, Consulting and Coaching, Training Development and Delivery, Implementation Support, Use Testing, and Problem Resolution. She has been closely involved with Readyportal projects for the Government of Mexico, Oncology Nursing Society, NPS Pharma, and the U.S. Army. Mary also held key roles in Business Development, Customer Support, and Training Development and Delivery at Wego Systems, Primus Knowledge Solutions, Xerox Corporation, ID Certify, Voysys and XSoft. She holds a B.A. from Mills College and a Secondary Education credential from California State University.
Robert Golabek
Senior Software Architect
Robert’s interest in computers was the early-bird ticket that would open up the wonderful world of software architecture to him. After experiencing success with a few home-brew websites in the early days of the Internet, he decided to advance his career by studying at Sheridan. Shortly after graduation and jumping into his first professional role, he realized that he wanted to not only develop, but to design software. Robert’s leadership of Readyportal’s engineering solutions team rests on 12 years of delivering exceptional solutions for various clients including, SickKids, Mosaic, AT&T, Rogers and Samsung Canada.
Matt Kuzminski
Software Engineer
Ever since his father introduced him to one of those really old computers, Matthew was hooked. His love for all things computer is only surpassed by his desire to constantly become better. His mantra, “efficiency over everything”, has served Readyportal quite well (we expect him to write a ground breaking book on this in the future). For now though, as back-end engineer, he’s handling logic, communications and procedures on the server side. Matthew holds a Bachelors of Computer Science from Ryerson University. Outside work, he’s engaged in various slackware related projects, on seadoos and snowmobiles (depending on the season) or playing a game of chess.
Feyi Agbaje
UX Designer
As Front End Developer and our resident UX-pert, Feyi uses her keen eye for detail and superior HTML/CSS skills to deliver exceptional online experiences for our clients. Feyi is something of mix between engineer and artist, and wickedly good at creative problem solving too. She says Readyportal has given her a chance to solve real and difficult problems though with how easy she makes it look, that’s hard to believe sometimes. Feyi graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Degree in Systems Design Engineering. When not at work, she can be found exploring the city or trying new foods for inspiration.
Lukas Arent
Director of Business Development
Lukas is a business professional with an entrepreneurial spirit. At Readyportal, he is focused on creating growth opportunities and building long term customer relationships. Lukas’s prior experience includes converting his first house into a cash flowing income property, founding Superior Exotics (a Toronto based exotic car rental company), and working as a Program Manager in the aerospace industry. Lukas is never satisfied with the status quo and is always looking for better ways to complete the task at hand.
Mehwish Nomani
Marketing Guru
As the Marketing Executive, Mehwish brings her creative flair, experience in social media marketing and content creation to the success of our website and marketing campaign initiatives. Mehwish is something between a networking guru/mentor, artist and wickedly good at problem solving through her research and analysis skills. Mehwish graduated from Ryerson University with a Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management and a minor in Marketing. When not at work, she can be found exploring the city, trying new foods and seeking new ways to add colour to her life.