Enterprise Information Portal

An enterprise Information Portal (EIP), also known as a business portal, is a model for a website. It allows an open space which is used as a single gateway to company’s information and knowledge base. This information can be shared with employees, customers, business partners, board of directors, or the public.

With Readyportal you are able to categorize your information, collaborate with efficiency, personalize your layout, secure information with granular permissions and much more!



  • Store, access and share data from one centralized, secure location.

  • Retrieve your information when you need it.

  • Assign and change user groups to keep the right people in the know as a project evolves.

  • Minimize your paper trail. Unclutter your inbox. Keep external apps external.

  • We’ll show you and your team how to make the most of Readyportal. Secure access and document sharing ensures you can work with peace of mind, no matter how sensitive the task.


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