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Microsites/Sub Portal


Readyportal’s unique inheritance capability provides organizations with the ability to quickly deploy a network of sites. Once an organization has established a primary portal, they can quickly set up one or many sub‐portals that can share the look and feel of the parent site and content elements, or be personalized to suit the use of the microsite. These sub‐portals are valuable for organizations that serve as an umbrella for sub‐organizations – e.g., a trade organization with state chapters, a franchise organization with regional and local groups, a college alumni association with graduates organized by year – as well as for special interest groups, employee intranets, board members and committees, or a wealth of other organizational structures.

Whether you need to build sub-portals to support special interest groups, remote offices, franchises, board members, or any other special purpose, one of the key strengths Readyportal brings is the granular control of Inheritance. This feature of the Readyportal design means that sub-portal of your main chapter can automatically inherit look and feel and/or content from its parent, and in turn pass along attributes to its children. Using inheritance and/or design templates, it is possible to rapidly deploy sub‐portals that share as much – or as little – of the parent site as desired.


Inheritance Features


  • Cascade corporate design standards throughout the organization’s web presence and communicate corporate information through inherited modules
  • Provide subgroups with a complete prototype of a site and set policies to allow them to change as little or as much of the material as you desire
  • Build an entire network of consistent and fully functional franchise site with set areas for customization
  • Control access to material based on sub-portal membership.

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