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Online Portals for Legal Services


Successful legal departments and firms depend on the ability to access and share sensitive information rapidly. Readyportal enables these firms to collaborate with multiple shareholders, internally and externally, ensuring that important documents remain in the right hands throughout the entire process. Using sites powered by Readyportal, firms and in-house legal departments can work with the peace of mind that their information is securely encrypted every step of the way.

The result? A drastically simplified workflow that facilitates thorough auditing, reduces security risk and promotes improved compliance throughout the entire organization. Your result? Peace of mind, decreased costs and effective collaboration leading to successful projects.




  • Instantly sync all comments and changes made to a document across all your devices
  • Take your work with you offline –synchronize documents and collaborate directly from Desktop
  • Fully control who can see and access your documents and who they can be shared with


  • Access, review and collaborate on your documents through a secure company workspace
  • Simplify your collaboration by reducing your team’s reliance on unsecure, external applications
  • Wind things back through version control to see changes, search critical information and review progress


  • Store all your documents in one centralized location, easily searchable by your admins and decision makers, and accessible across all platforms
  • Extend the efficiency of collaboration by keeping documents accessible to only your most relevant team members
  • Reduce the challenges of ongoing compliance by never losing an important document in a paper trail or dated email thread again
  • User-friendly version control


  • Enterprise-level security and tracking functionality
  • Protect your workspace with passwords and folder-level control to maintain compliance with the company’s security policy
  • Integrate security requirements onto your mobile devices
  • Control forwarding, downloading, deletion, uploading and your document’s expiration dates


  • Access your documents where you need them, when you need them-mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Replicate your offline collaborative process, online with powerful tools synced to your information, such as live commenting, annotation and version control
  • Work safely –your mobile Readyportal is equipped with the security needed to keep your IT department sleeping well at night.


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