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Business Efficiency

Internet technology can actually make your company more efficient. Online portals can enhance team productivity, save you money, foster communication, keep employees up-to-date, and enable one-stop access to important documents and we at Readyportal know exactly how to get you started!


–          Reducing paper processes through digitization of forms and workflow

–          Centralizing documents/aggregating information from other software using APIs,

–          Sharing of information with employees and clients

–          Out of the box features that people can utilize

Rapid Deployment

The old adage states; time is money. When considering technology implementations, this still rings true, as both time and money tend to add up quickly. Readyportal’s platform with prebuilt modules and features enables creating solutions up to 60% faster than industry average while keeping costs down.

Check out our Case Studies to see the kind of work we have completed.


As companies begin to develop enterprise-wide portals that support a wide range of corporate users and back-end business content, many are also expanding their portals to allow access by external users such as trading partners and key clients. Security becomes imperative as portals evolve to support a widening user base and ever-increasing back-end business content. Readyportal guarantees excellent security and granular permission controls so that you share strictly the information you want with the right people. Our processes include: Token Authentication, SSO/LDAP, Group Security Settings and SOC2 Compliant Hosting.

Efficient Collaboration

Modern technologies such as intranets have evolved and moved past being the clunky, outdated systems which merely allowed employees to share information. Today’s intranets, coupled with faster internet speeds, have allowed for new ways of working in which colleagues can more collaborate more effectively. The link between collaboration and productivity is now very well documented and it’s clear that the former provides many business benefits, especially in terms of reducing costs. Collaboration via the company intranet is optimised by the creation of social elements and shared workspaces. This allows for information to flow more freely around an organisation and for departments which may have once rarely interacted to better communicate and work on projects together.

Readyportal’s built in features will help you stay ahead of the game!

Click on the features below:

In-line document commenting, Shared Calander, Email notifications for document uploads, Transmission of information to clients/employees, Content management.

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