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Data Portal


Data portal is a web-based interface that let users search and find data based on their needs or permission. Such data may be locally created or aggregated from various sources.

With Readyportal, you can make data management a breeze. Store, access and share the information you depend on with the people that need to know. Best of all, it’s done in a way that’s friendly to your business process, improving corporate governance, facilitating audit transparency and mitigating compliance headaches.



Features and Benefits

  • Store, access and share data from one centralized, secure location.
  • Data is easily accessible right at your fingertips.
  • Assign and manage user groups to keep the right people in the know throughout a project’s lifecycle.
  • Minimize your paper trail. Unclutter your inbox. Keep external apps external.
  • We’ll show you and your team how to make the most of Readyportal. Secure access and document sharing ensuring peace of mind.


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