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Community Portal


Community portal is a central place for employees to interact, engage, consume organisational content and connect with communities. As technology and the internet has improved, intranet setups such as this have of course become more powerful.

With Readyportal you can allow employees and those with access the ability to use a browser to access intranet information. Our granular permissions feature makes it makes it easy to control who sees what and this is determined by logins.




Features and Benefits


  • Store all your documents, podcasts, videos, presentations, and more.
  • Let your assigned community members get into the system and keep out those who aren’t registered.
  • Included applications that facilitate communication: Discussion forums, messaging services, email, calendars.
  • Easy routes for community members to navigate through the content.
  • For Associations and non-profits, create groups for your chapters, communities. Give them their personal site, work place and control brands


Click here to learn about our work with ONS Chapter Sites

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