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Davey Tree

Client Profile

Davey Tree has been Canada’s professional tree service since 1930, providing services such as tree, utility, lawn care, and consulting services in the green industry. Davey’s Canadian operations have continued to grow and further supplement the company’s success within the U.S. The company’s core competencies include tree, utility services, large tree moving, commercial grounds management and consulting services.


Shareholders at Davey Tree required frequent access to their shareholder information, but the only way they could view it was if they requested the updated information from the company’s administration department. This hindered the company’s small administrative team’s ability to efficiently serve the company’s 4,000 shareholders.


Readyportal’s solution resulted in the implementation of user home templates which provided each shareholder a personal, easy to access, secure dashboard that contained all their shareholder information and reports. These reports are imported and updated weekly by Davey from an SQL database, to offer up-to-date data for every shareholder.

Implementation Features 

  • Creation of unique Vendor IDs for each shareholder.

  • Centralized dashboard with access to company news and important shareholder information

  • Self-serve access to password protected shareholder information


  • Simple and intuitive user interface supporting over 4,000 shareholders

  • Elimination of calls of administration from shareholders requiring updated shareholder information

  • Ability to see multiple vendor record numbers per shareholder/user


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