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Toronto Notes is a concise and comprehensive medical review created by University of Toronto student contributors under the guidance of the Faculty of Medicine. Revised annually, this reference text is considered the most reputable study guide used by medical students across Canada and around the world.


The Toronto Notes and Essential Med Notes textbooks have been critical to fostering student excellence and Toronto Notes wanted to make it even easier for its members to succeed. Toronto Notes needed a way to publish studying materials online to authorized medical students. To reduce workload for volunteer staff, Toronto Notes wanted to make their textbooks accessible online to site members through an automated access approval process based on valid authorization number. In order to better leverage the potential of putting the product online, Toronto Notes also wanted to give its members the ability to form user-defined, online study groups.


We delivered a portal that automated the workflow of granting access rights and presented textbook material using an integrated PDF-viewer function with social media features.

Implementation Features

  • User-specific content access, presentation, and management
  • Information stored as unstructured data and displayed, in whole or in part, in multiple locations and formats and/or presented to specific groups of users
  • Site and resource access granted based on matching access keys to a pre-approved list.
  • Design implementation on Readyportal both enhances the user experience and delivers specific functionality.


  • Online, highly portable version of a major medical text so that students can study whenever, wherever without carrying the book
  • Automated join approval based on built-in authorization key lookup function saves Administrator time
  • Advanced viewer functionality allows client-supplied, PDF-format chapters to be accessed, navigated, and searched as a whole rather than as individual PDFs.

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