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Client Profile

Toronto East General Hospital (TEGH) is Ontario’s leading community hospital with a vision to set a new standard in Quality, Value, and Patient Care.  In support of this vision, TEGH encourages ideas from patients, staff, and the public to improve hospital services, patient care, enhance employee morale, and reduce costs.


TEGH identified that managing employee suggestions based on email, survey tools, hallway conversations, and meetings across multiple departments made collaboration and consensus difficult to track and manage. TEGH needed a centralized way for employees to submit, manage, and prioritize ideas, to discover which ones had traction, and to assign them to champions for action.


Readyportal used our business process engine and to provide TEGH with web portal that allows employees to submit ideas and TEGH management to view, prioritize, assign those Ideas.  This solution includes a centralized dashboard so management can see at a glance which ideas have traction or may be stalled.

Of particular benefit is the ability to store contextual information around ideas and archive them so they may easily be found and reviewed at any time in the future.

Implementation Features

  • Business Process Configuration: Ideas may be assigned to the full group for Voting, then to individual Champions for further development
  • Voting: A running total of Thumbs Up / Thumbs down votes are presented for each Idea, allowing Managers to quickly determine which Ideas resonate with the team and which Ideas have the support to make them successful
  • Personalization: User-specific content access and management
  • Dashboard: Managers can view the number of Ideas in each phase of the process at a glance, and can quickly view the status of all Ideas at the touch of a button.


  • Centralized location for all Ideas
  • Automated distribution of Ideas to entire voting block
  • Each user is presented with the specific Ideas assigned to them upon login
  • Vote management to quickly see voting progress and which Ideas have traction
  • Remind Assignees function
  • Manager dashboard to view how many Ideas are in four key states
  • Filtering to quickly locate all Ideas in all states and see the full Idea count for each state
  • Downloadable Management Reports for process optimizations

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