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ONS is a non-profit membership organization of more than 37,000 registered nurses and other healthcare providers committed to improving patient care, education, research, and administration in oncology nursing.


The Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) is committed to helping its members stay on top of the latest developments in clinical research and care to ensure that patients receive the best care possible. In partnership with Pfizer Inc, ONS envisioned a site to facilitate advanced practice and help experienced nurses gain a better understanding of research terminology, interpret clinical research reports and determine appropriateness for application in practice. This solution would require presenting self-assessment surveys to help members identify learning needs, providing relevant case studies to teach new concepts in clinical research and implications for practice and archiving evaluations to help monitor progress.


We leveraged Readyportal’s open architecture to give ONS the power to create, distribute and complete their own testing materials through our FormBuilder feature. We then showed them how to integrate the output into their new content system by helping them define and implement the workflow. The end result for their users was a well-defined and intuitive learning process.

Implementation Features

  • User-specific content access, presentation, and management
  • Information stored as unstructured data and displayed, in whole or in part, in multiple locations and formats and/or presented to specific groups of users
  • Flexible tool supports everything from simple email request forms through assessments and quizzes to complex surveys
  • Produce reports in PDF format from surveys and collaborative documents and download Excel reports from the Member DB and Forms


  • Provides real-time results and prescriptive training recommendations
  • Assessment and quizzes support true/false, multiple choice, and drag/drop question types.
  • Learner can access all recommended learning materials from the portal -Learner can review past results at any time to gauge progress
  • Glossary terms are automatically linked to the case studies and assessments. If a Glossary term should not be linked, the Admin can easily remove link functionality

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