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Client Profile

Culturevate offers corporate training programs that enhance employee skills to innovate, develop new ideas, and move those ideas from concept to a product, service, or solution.


Culturevate wanted a way to further engage their clients by offering an innovation portal to present articles around innovation and new ideas, to allow portal members to search for relevant content, engage in discussions around content, and like and share content.

Key topics areas are Ideation, Collaboration, Business Plans, and Execution of New Ideas, as well as a repository for Training documents and a new Ideas Marketplace where portal members can find and engage on promising new ideas.


Readyportal provided Enterprise Content Management, Targeted and Global Search, and Collaboration solutions

Implementation Features

  • Enterprise Content Management System: A powerful, flexible way to store and manage information
  • Featured Content: The ability to easily feature specific content for display on the landing page
  • Filtered and Global Search: Users have the option to easily search all content on the site or apply filters to narrow results
  • Collaboration: Users can comment on articles, high-five articles they find particularly useful, and share articles within their organization
  • Single Sign-on Option: Depending on Culturevate client needs, members may be managed directly on the site or externally, using the organization’s established member validation


  • Rapid deployment of new, customized client sites within days of an engagement
  • Simple form-based CMS to ensure consistent display and behavior
  • Easy-to-update slider functionality to highlight key content and pull users into the site
  • Featured content tiles on the homepage that show the newest content first which may be added or removed at any time
  • Automatic filtered search with additional global search functionality
  • Role-based security
  • Ability to use either native authentication or 3rd party authentication

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