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Army OneSource is a Secretary of the Army Initiative that provides comprehensive community support and service delivery for Service Members and their families through a system of state alliances. In carrying out this mission, Army OneSource is receiving support from Serco. Serco is a leader in professional, technology, management services focused on federal government.


Army OneSource Alliance members depend on the effective deployment of information to provide current troops, veterans, and their loved ones the support and help they need. In order to facilitate better service, Army One required an online solution that could provide controlled access to key information for members based on tiered access, integrate existing Salesforce-based calendar and events functionalities and deliver key documents through various modalities.


Readyportal provided Army One with tiered membership management, granting members the ability to access the information necessary to excel. Not just typical Office Documents, but distinct integrations with Data Maps, Prevalance Maps and Infographics. We configured Readyportal’s intranet to provide tiered membership management providing members with access to all the necessary information, including Data Maps, Prevalence Maps, Infographics and other documents. By tweaking the settings user access groups and controls, Army OneSource could deliver information large and small, across various file types. Consequently, members can focus on what they need to know to work effectively rather than trying to manage everything themselves.

Implementation Features

  • User-specific content access, presentation, and management
  • Information stored as unstructured data, displayed, in part or in whole, across multiple locations and formats and/or presented to specific groups of users
  • Predefined search filters to reach information with minimal number of clicks
  • Enhanced user experience through an intuitive and well mapped out interface.


  • Initial version of the website, from design to launch, delivered in 12 weeks
  • A Flexible Design that works with current browsers (e.g., IE11, Firefox, and Chrome) and mobile devices
  • Centralized Document Management through bulk imports supporting mass content transfers, additions, and periodic updates.
  • Accelerated one-step input screens allow non-technical staff and volunteers alike to publish articles
  • Integration with the Salesforce Calendar already in use by State Coordinators

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