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Client Profile

Achieve is an independent, nonpartisan, not-for-profit education reform organization dedicated to working with states to raise academic standards and graduation requirements, improve assessments, and strengthen accountability.

Challenge Client Profile

Driving educational reform across thousands of distinct and often disjointed curricula is no easy task. In order to facilitate this goal, Achieve needed a way to automate the process of receiving, evaluating, and scoring lesson plans submitted by educators and educational institutions around the country against the Common Core Standards and EQuIP Rubriks.


With Readyportal, Achieve was able to integrate more conventional content management features such as notifications, scheduling and reports into role-based flexbile workflows  automating time-intensive yet otherwise mundane tasks and streamlining more complex endeavors through improved collaborative facility. Achieve truly leveraged the best of both worlds: robust CMS features such as Scheduling, Notifications and Reports with user-friendly role-based workflows to drive the required business process to commpletion. Best of all, as a result of how flexible the workflows are, Achieve can easily integrate new and existing features into its process as it changes.

Implementation Features

  • Information stored as unstructured data and displayed, in whole or in part, in multiple locations and formats and/or presented to specific groups of users
  • User-specific content access, presentation, and management
  • True collaboration. Assign tasks, send notifications, present materials, collect responses
  • Display potential meeting times plus times already selected by other team members as part of a workflow
  • Multiple notification options, both within workflows and as part of built-in listserv-enabled features like Announcements and Calendars
  • Produce reports in PDF format from surveys and collaborative documents and download Excel reports from the Member DB and Forms


  • All materials are centrally managed, uploads are associated with each lesson
  • Online submission tool with validation reduces errors due to missing information
  • Reviewer pool is maintained online and only qualified experts are presented for each lesson
  • Email notifications are generated automatically
  • Full integration of scheduling fiunction within flexible workflow
  • Reviewers are presented with assessment questions and scoring parameters
  • Documents can be re-routed when required

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