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Michael Schlesinger
Michael Schlesinger has over 20 years of management consulting experience in both private and public sector. His areas of expertise include; change management, evaluation, strategic planning, organizational development and design, human resources management and performance management. After holding several management positions in the Insurance industry, Michael joined KPMG Consulting and spent time in both the Actuarial, Benefits, Compensation and HR practice and the Public Sector practice where he was a Senior Manager who led multiple large scale organizational design initiatives. Michael is currently the Practice Lead for Human Resources and Organizational Development Consulting at Lough Barnes Consulting Group and is a leading Canadian expert in competency based human resource activities. Michael is also the founder of JAM Reviews, a firm that focuses on innovative on-line evaluation tools for professional services firms. Michael holds a Masters of Industrial Relations and Human Resources from the University of Toronto and has been a lecturer at the University of Toronto, Woodsworth College in the area of organizational development.
Amit Sinha
Amit Sinha is currently a portfolio manager for a quantitative hedge fund based in New York. Prior to his current role, Amit was a co-founder and member of the management team at JPMorgan's $20 billion pension advisory business, which provided investment services to institutional investors. Amit has over 16 years of experience in investment banking and asset management, and holds a degree in finance and systems modeling. Amit invests and advises financial technology businesses that use data analytics to improve decision making and business processes within banks and financial institutions. In addition to being a seed investor in Triyo, Amit is also advises Triyo on business strategy and business development.
Dr. Joe Chiodo
Dr. Joe Chiodo has conducted ground breaking R&D in smart liquid health applications, zero-waste design, product dematerialization education, real estate, software investments and seed funding. He is currently supporting innovation in therapeutic and pharmaceutical companies developing smart liquid cooling therapy applications for reusable and zero to low eco-impact products and packaging. Dr. Chiodo is currently writing a series of illustrated educational reference guidelines for circular economy and eco-design manuals. Throughout his career, he has led cross continental R&D consortiums, and advised numerous academia, companies and governments. His work includes numerous patents, technology, and applied science and product inventions. He continues to direct real estate investments using targeted analytics for explosive growth in the GTA pre-empting various megatrends.
Ron Mukherjee
As one of Readyportal’s foremost advisors, Ron brings over 30 years of global experience in business leadership, management, and credit risk from his career in the banking industry. Ron provides exceptional insight and support, using his knowledge and experience to ensure the company’s continued success. Currently the Head of India at Axslogic, Ron uses his business experience to enhance and address business profitability through a data-driven approach. During his tenure at Citigroup, Ron set up card business in India and Korea, and was heavily involved in a diverse range of M&A and portfolio management activities. Post Citigroup, Ron was responsible for setting up knowledge-processing outsourcing (KPO’s). companies in India. Ron is an active contributor and presence in the risk management training faculty. Over the years, Ron has mentored emerging talent, many of whom are now leaders in their own right.