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Signs Your Business Might Benefit From an Intranet

Signs Your Business Might Benefit From an Intranet

Many small and large companies can achieve valuable productivity and workplace collaboration improvements including other benefits by using a corporate intranet for sharing and communicating information.

A challenge faced by many corporations in the course of creating project/client deliverables is when their employees need to access and process a lot of unstructured information such as documents and digital files.

Being able to easily find and access information is especially critical for firms that provide professional services. For instance a law firm would benefit from an intranet at the department level. Since highly compensated people are involved in the process, such as attorneys and finance specialists, any opportunity to increase their productivity could have a significant impact on the firm’s growth and profitability.

But how do you know whether your company needs a corporate intranet? Below are a few indicators to consider:

Your firm is growing in size and complexity:

A large corporation or a small start-up face similar issues when dealing with internal employee communication and sharing of information. A small start-up of 8 employees can still have a great deal of difficulty dealing with communication and workplace collaboration. However, greater size and complexity certainly heighten these challenges.

If your company has multiple offices spread across the country (or around the globe), different time zones and variations in workplace culture will naturally create obstacles. Going through mergers and acquisitions for instance can pose a challenge. In such cases, an intranet will help manage the complexity of bringing in new people and trying to merge company cultures.

Problems with project execution and client satisfaction:

Studies indicate that poor communication is one of the main reasons that projects fail. When projects go over budget or miss deadlines, there is a good chance that there was a lack of strong communication between the team and the client in terms of expectations and deliverables.

Experiencing a sudden increase in client dissatisfaction on project deliverables is often a sign of communication problems that must be addressed. This can easily be done through a corporate intranet or customer portal where all the information is presented and archived in a systematic manner for easy access.

Need for higher quality and creativity:

Corporate intranet is often seen as a way to drive productivity in firms but there are also considerations for innovation and creativity. If your company isn’t performing well on creativity there is a fairly good chance of it being due to lack of time allocated for creative brainstorming. By reducing the amount of time spent on finding and accessing material for completing the main task there can be more time allocated towards creative brainstorming. This will inevitably affect the quality of work that the company produces.

Making the process of communication and information sharing more efficient will allow for greater creativity and innovation. This means removing unnecessary impediments that drag down creative brainstorming and productivity of the project at hand. As a result your company will create more value in the service your clients receive and help differentiate the standards and quality of work in the industry.


Through out the course of implementing a corporate intranet, be sure to focus on the employee experience of it all. Your employees are your first clients, and if they aren’t satisfied with the product then the end result will not be benefiting in the long run. This means your company should also look to deliver the necessary capabilities with great usability. Use other mechanisms to facilitate communication and information flow, such as software and service applications or mobile apps.

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