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FOUR Reasons Why Your Business Needs An Online Customer Portal

FOUR Reasons Why Your Business Needs An Online Customer Portal

These days, most customers prefer to skip long wait times over the phone or email responses to solve an issue. They would much rather opt for self-service support options. Research by Capterra also showed that 75% of customers prefer to solve product or service issues on their own without relying on an agent.

In such a scenario, the best way to help your customers with accessing self-service support options would be through an online customer portal. Online Customer portal enables you to provide your customers with highly personalized, interactive service on the web. They do this by providing a space where customers can create and manage their online purchases, review documents and policies, find relevant articles and watch instructional videos.

Essentially, an online customer portal brings all of your self-service support options into and easy to use one-stop-shop platform.

Mentioned below are four reasons why your businesses should have an online customer portal:

1. Customers want self-service

According to Microsoft’s 2016 Global State of Multichannel Customer Service Report, 90 percent of customers worldwide expect businesses to provide online customer self-service portals. This is especially true in countries such as the U.K. (94%) and U.S. (90%) where customer support is a high priority. Providing an online portal is an essential part of creating a satisfying support experience. There is a likelier chance that customers that don’t have their basic expectations met will leave for another business that provides it to them.

Conversely, when an organization does meet expectations, customers are more likely to promote that business among their peers through word-of-mouth referrals which will create more opportunities for the organization.

With Readyportal your customers will be able to receive answers to their questions, complete transactions, query your knowledge base and submit support issues. With an open line of communication, and a range of self-service options, you’ll boost customer satisfaction as well as long-term retention.

2. Portals enable self-service

Readyportal’s online customer portals will allows customers to find the information they are looking for independently and thereby giving them a sense of control over their support issue.

A comprehensive support software will also allow customers to chat with agents directly via the portal, engaging in real-time conversation if they ever require it. Consider a business that creates productivity apps and software for other organizations. Readyportal can do this for your business! If a customer is experiencing an urgent issue, they can search the portal for a related article. If they can’t find what they’re looking for, they can chat with an agent without leaving the online customer portal. This allows your customer to get their answer right away, and remove the time consuming back-and-forth discussions between customer and agent over email. It also eliminates waiting for long periods over the phone for an agent to respond.

3. Portals become a One-Stop-Shop

If businesses choose to provide self-service support options – a good idea for every business – then your customers will need a convenient way to access it. Having all relevant documents scattered across the platform will make it confusing for your customer and make it difficult to take advantage of the customer portal in the best manner possible.

Online customer support portals collect all of your self-service features in a convenient, accessible area, displaying information in a way that’s easy for customers to understand. They are able to take care of all of their support needs in one convenient location.

4. Customer portals maximize efficiency and reduce workload

Every business aims to maximize customer satisfaction while increasing employee efficiency. Customer portals are a great way to accomplish it. Customers can avoid waiting on agents to check up on their ticket status or any purchase cancellations etc. Instead, they can look up the status of their own purchase or tickets at their convenience and avoid long waits.

In addition, online customer portals also suggest solutions. As a customer types, the suggested solutions feature picks up keywords and phrases and in turn helps find related self-service support options and presents them to the customer to help solve their issues in real time. For businesses this is a great advantage as it allows employee agents to focus on addressing more difficult issues.

Using a portal does more than meet customer expectations – it gives them a single area to find all of the support options they need. Some of the many features and benefits of using Readyportal area listed below:

  • Customers can log in onto your site and can access personalized content and relevant support documentation.
  • Provide password-protected access to key customer support tools.
  • Customers can update their own profiles, view their order histories, check their order status and place new orders around the clock.
  • Provide automatic receipt confirmation for a service request with a case number.
  • Customers feel a sense of appreciation.
  • Fully extensible and scalable for small and large corporate website deployment.
  • Efficient and manageable for users to divide administrative tasks between different user levels.
  • User-friendly interface to manage all aspects of the portal and ease of operation.

To find out more, contact us and we will get you started immediately.

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