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Utilize Intranet to Increase Your Company’s Efficiency

Utilize Intranet to Increase Your Company’s Efficiency

Internet technology is a small company’s best friend. It is a global platform for your business which if used correctly will be an effective tool. Your company can improve team productivity, save money, and nurture effective communication. All this and more can be achieved through a private intranet site implemented onto internet technology.


Ever notice, how sometimes relying on your email takes up more of your time throughout the day and drags down your productivity. Chances are this is exactly what is affecting the productivity of your employees too. Readyportal’s intranet solution helps eliminate chains of emails and enables you to keep your project discussions on one platform which can easily be archived and tracked once the project is complete.

Instant Messaging

To ensure that productivity remains abreast, teams can make use of instant messaging programs like Google Talk or Slack in real time to update small tasks. This can easily be implemented while working with an intranet to ensure that all major discussion and changes on projects are discussed on one platform while miniscule tasks are discussed on instant messaging as opposed to waiting on email responses and digging through long chains of emails.

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards are a far less intrusive way to communicate with your employees. It allows them to read and respond at their own convenience, plus it keeps them all updated with important information without it getting buried somewhere in their inbox of emails. Adding a bulletin board to your intranet will help foster communication and prove to be effective.


Create an online calendar on your intranet where employees can check which times coworkers have open on their schedule, enabling them to schedule meetings with one another. Best part, it is all in one easy-to-reach place instead of trying to go back and forth rescheduling between instant messaging, emails or phone-calls.

Document Management

With an intranet, you can also manage your documents and host them online. Readyportal allows you to share policies, procedures, project files, or any other documents your organization uses directly onto your intranet. You can view and make comments  without having to download  or open them in another window. With version control and archiving you can ensure that your documents are up to date. Having your own intranet makes it easy to access these documents all on one platform.

Enhance your team productivity and get started with your own intranet now, connect with us at Readyportal and we will show you how!

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