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How To Create An Effective Web Presence for Your Non-Profit

How To Create An Effective Web Presence for Your Non-Profit

Your organization’s website can and should be a powerful fundraising tool for your non-profit. Creating an effective web presence will help raise money online, collect e-mails, and provide relevant information to donors. Make sure to incorporate the 4 things mentioned below in order to effectively raise money through your website:

  1. Professional Look

People are generally more willing to give through your website when they feel like they can trust you. Therefore, it is important to keep your website simple, to the point and professional. Professional doesn’t have to necessarily mean expensive, a basic level of professionalism that shows importance and pride of your work is enough to get started.

Invest in a professionally designed web graphic for a visual appeal and be sure to have correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Have all your information up-to-date so that sponsors know where you are investing your work efforts.

  1. Ease of Editing

In order to add new articles and links, event updates, press releases, blogs, etc. your website needs to easily editable. Readyportal site structure and edit features makes it easy to change and add new content with granular permission. Essentially, having ease of access to editing your website allows your company to create an effective web presence without costing you an expensive IT professional updating your website daily/weekly. Although, make sure to have regular updates because no one wants to visit a website that is populated with old news.

  1. E-mail List

If you plan to collect e-mail addresses on your website, it is best to use an online form. It is an easy way to allow people to give you their e-mail address.  You will also need a secure way to store those addresses and send mass email. Readyportal’s out of the box solution will easily implement this feature into your website.

  1. Way to Process Donations

Lastly, as people make donations through your website, there needs to be a way to process it. This will require a method to safely and securely enter credit card information. You can also create a customer (sponsor) portal into your website where you can provide each individual their own personalized account to keep a track of their donations and upcoming events. Get a merchant account through your bank and easily process credit cards offline and online or use services like PayPal Web Payments.

To get started on your own Non-Profit website, sign up at Readyportal!

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