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Business Benefits of Customer Relationship Portals

Business Benefits of Customer Relationship Portals

Today’s blog will discuss the benefits of employing a Customer Relationship Portal and why your business needs one.

Self-service is swiftly becoming the preferred method of interacting with an organization. With everything on the go, clients are more prone to make purchases and inquire information when they want and how they want with convenience.

So how exactly can your organization be “open” and “in-service” 24/7 without having you compromise your sleeping pattern and increasing the cost of hiring and training more staff?

Online Customer Portal, of course. A portal designed to provide your customers with highly personalized, interactive service on the web. It sound’s overwhelming at first to many start-ups and small businesses but it’s a lot easier than you think. Customer portals are being implemented by many businesses to stay in touch with their customers, improve their brands, and remain competitive with larger organizations.

Let’s browse some benefits:

1) Enhanced Communication:

It saves you and your customer time and allows a secure and efficient way for you to deliver and your clients to receive information. I remember the days when I would wait in queues or stay on hold over the phone for long periods listening to not-so-good music simply to receive a very small piece of information. It made me impatient and frustrated to lose out on all my time I could’ve spent being more productive. Chances are so are many other people who would really rather retrieve information themselves and save their precious time. Typically, what consumes most time for business support staff is the time spent on copies of invoices, due dates, order status, inventory quantity, placing orders, reviewing past orders, initiating or status of a support case. With a portal, your customers can get this information without, calling or emailing or waiting in queues. All this information is at their finger tips.

2) Capture Valuable Information

A business owner understands and appreciates the importance of earning customer loyalty repeatedly through dedication and hard work. Every interaction with your customer is important and can either help or hurt the company and therefore should never be neglected. Customer portal allows your company to capture useful information from the customer which can be key to successful marketing efforts and very important to your business marketing strategy. Marketing and educational materials, company policies, and FAQ’s can also be securely stored in the portal. View your portal as a valuable communication tool and a workflow resource.

3) Customer Retention and Appreciation:

Similar to an employee portal, every contact with access to the portal will have a login and password. You can tailor the portal experience for each user, which is imperative in today’s competitive economy. Customers can update their own profiles, view their order histories, check their order status and place new orders around the clock. Your customer will feel a sense of appreciation with the company. Information such as, which items are visible and which warehouses they can ship from, or even what shipping methods they can choose can all be communicated. And since portals are integrated with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), all this information will always be up to date.

Customer Portal Features:

Among the many features, customer portals provide the following:

  • Fully extensible and scalable for small and large corporate website deployment.
  • Efficient and manageable for users to divide administrative tasks between different user levels.
  • User-friendly interface help manage all aspects of the portal and provide ease of operation

Convinced enough to get your website a customer portal? Contact us at Readyportal for a free consultation for your business and let’s get you started with a customer portal right for you!

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