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Ideation and Innovation Platforms

Ideation and Innovation Platforms

An Ideation Platform is an excellent way to surface smart and useful ideas from your employees. Innovation Portals provide the benefit of delivering great value through the introduction of new service/product offerings and as a result also provide improved client relations. As most portals, Innovation Portal also help with building a more collaborative workplace through employee engagement and encouraging an innovative organizational culture.

Digital Workplace and Ideation

With the evolution of digital economy and the outpour in interest in digital workplace collaboration, there are chances that ideation will start to gain more momentum and become more visible within everyday digital channels and even change the way it is carried out. Innovation Portals as a tool can assist in recognizing ideas being discussed amongst peers in one common place as opposed to having them scattered across social networks, messaging apps and chain of emails. It serves as both a discussion board where employees can gather their ideas and pick up on conversations and interactions and provide additional input before taking those ideas forward. Innovation Portals can also function as a place to archive innovative initiatives once they’ve been implemented.

Sharing Economy and Ideation

The latest influence and trend in sharing economy and crowdsourcing, companies are able to generate successful techniques from growing companies and apply them into their enterprise. An example of this would be Uber and AirBnB.

One of our clients, Culturevate wanted a way to further engage their clients by offering an innovation portal to present articles around innovation and new ideas, to allow portal members to search for relevant content, engage in conversation around content, and like and share content.

The curriculum was around ideation, collaboration, business plans, and execution of new ideas, as well as a repository for training documents and a new ideas marketplace where portal members can find and engage on promising new ideas.

Readyportal provided its Innovation Portal platform to store, share and collaborate innovation related content. The solution enabled to capture conversations and ideas under each of these subject matter and curriculum.

Ideation meets collaboration through social tools

Collaborative relationships are important to address challenges and build on ideas, however, due to the large organizations being spread across many parts of the world it can be hard to communicate and discuss in teams. Social tools are a source of influence as they have the ability to empower collaboration and engagement. Leverage existing enterprise social tools as well as any other collaboration tools for ideation. Yield greater returns when you collaborate with different departments across the globe exchanging ideas in your organization.

Evolve Ideation, Advance Innovation.

As ideation platforms continues to evolve, for the time being it seems likely that submitting, reviewing and rating ideas will be the main focus and will further advance. Innovation platforms are progressively pushing the boundaries of idea management while combining it with other disciplines and new approaches.

Encourage collaboration where ideation can become more fruitful and result your company success through new and impressive innovations.

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