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How To Create Structured and Efficient Meetings Using Your Intranet.

How To Create Structured and Efficient Meetings Using Your Intranet.

While the digital transformation hasn’t altered the quantity of meetings, there are definitely some steps you can take in order transform the quality of your meeting.

Meetings, if not done correctly can take up most of your days’ time and we all know how dreadful that experience can be, especially in the business world where ‘time is of essence.’

Follow the four P’s below to integrate your corporate intranet into planning your next meeting.

Purpose (What will be discussed)

Ask for clarification. Why is this meeting happening in the first place and whether or not it is important to the team or the project(s) at hand? Find out who will be contributing and what is expected of them and if your help is needed in any way to help move forward.

But where does tech play a role in this, you ask? By incorporating an open space for your team on the intranet, everyone included in the meeting can see what is being discussed. Individuals can excuse themselves if they don’t feel it’s a priority or replace themselves with another associate from the team who would have more knowledge on the matter at hand. This step helps to assure that the purpose has been clearly established and made accessible to everyone attending.

Product (What the outcome should be)

Growing up, you probably thought the most frustrating task was to remember to make your bed in the morning, but then you started attending work meetings and came to terms with appreciating the smaller frustrations of life.

Ask yourself, how many meetings have you been to where nothing follows through as planned? Why was there someone writing down minutes when the critical path was completely off. Your team feels like this was a complete waste of their time since there were no tangible results at the end.

The fix? Your intranet. Use the open space to establish what the expected results should be prior to the meeting (although this can be tweaked during the meeting as well).  Clearly indicate the outcome expected from the meeting and how you intend to measure these results. For a more efficient process, create a survey and send it out to participants in order to understand what results they are expecting to come out of the meeting. It helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

This open space allows all the data and knowledge and the process to be captured in one place. So in case someone decides to leave the company tomorrow, you won’t have to worry a bit. It’s all archived and ready to pull out!

Process (How do you plan to achieve the goal)

By following through with the actions mentioned above, you now have prepared everyone to arrive with a clear purpose and understanding of what needs to be accomplished. This allows the discussions to stay on track and not trail off, which ultimately saves ample amount of time.

Once at the meeting, use the intranet to add a document within the open space to create a critical path with participants. Each participant, under their name, can have a list of tasks to accomplish with a deadline. All the information is now shared with the group and everyone is clear about when each task needs to be completed to move forward. Transparency in this matter is key. With Readyportal users can add PDF versions which open up on the same platform (open space) instead of a new window or tab. This allows the reader to comment without the struggle of going back and forth between windows or tabs.

People (Who’s involved)

Since people (attendees and stakeholders) are far more fundamental to the meeting, having an open space on your intranet will help narrow down on who the significant people are and who shouldn’t miss out on the next meeting. If your intranet doesn’t have user profiles, it is best to incorporate one sooner than later. This helps create efficiency when identifying experts in the organization who can assist with upcoming meetings.

With Readyportal, you have access to granular permissions as well. In case the meeting is sensitive, the beauty of having a closed forum discussion can also exist.

Follow the steps above and say goodbye to inefficient meetings!

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