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Roles and Responsibilities for Intranet Users

Roles and Responsibilities for Intranet Users

Here are the groups of people you need in order manage a successful intranet portal. Provided below is a breakdown of their responsibilities.

Intranet Steering Committee

The intranet steering committee is pivotal to the overall establishment of intranet. They are responsible for maintaining the mandate of the intranet. Should meet on a quarterly basis and focus on the following issues:

  • Establish an Intranet Business Model;
  • Establish a Guiding Principle;
  • Define and enforce an intranet mandate and vision;
  • Create Publishing Policies and standardization; and
  • Project prioritization and budgeting.

Make sure this team is comprised of individuals from different departments of the company and also have the authority for decision making within your organization.

Intranet Owners

The intranet owners group should include decision makers and full time company’s intranet webmaster. Many companies fail to acknowledge that intranets are a full time responsibility and needs to be managed after its initial launch just like an on-going project to avoid portal decay. This individual need not be tech savvy (won’t need to learn how the intranet was built) but needs to understand how to run it which they can easily be trained on. Someone in the communications or marketing department should fit in well.

Their responsibility is to be the final decision maker. These individuals are responsible for ensuring budget availability for the projects decided by the Intranet Steering Committee. One of their main responsibilities is to also resolve any issues within the steering committee. A quarterly meeting should be set aside by these individuals but should make themselves available to resolve any issues regarding the intranet.

Ideal individuals for this role are usually individuals with decision making authority in the organization. This for example includes the VP of Communications and the VP of IT (since this is a tech tool for communication).

Content Authors/Owners

They report to the content owners and are responsible for typing the copy on the intranet. Companies depending on their size either have the content creation posted live one the content author creates it or they prefer an approval process before the content is published.

While the author is responsible for creation, they are in many cases also the content owners. They make sure that the content is up-to-date and current and meets the standards set by the intranet steering committee. Larger organizations are responsible for having content owners for each department so that they can easily assign permissions for the content they are responsible for.

Information Technology

The IT group are responsible for upgrading the intranet and making sure that the site is live and accessible. Their role also includes the responsibility to assign access to the intranet and implement any upgrade changes approved by the intranet steering committee.

Intranet Visitors

The very reason you installed an intranet in the first place. It’s important that the intranet owners understand the visitor’s needs and that the content being posted is relevant to the visitors. There are multiple methods of targeting content to different types of visitors. Research and survey your visitors to understand what type of information they would like to view on THEIR intranet and how they expect to see it organized so that it is easy for them to navigate through it. Consult someone who is experienced with Information Architecture.

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