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Best Practices for Governance Strategy to Help Increase User Adoption for Portals.

Best Practices for Governance Strategy to Help Increase User Adoption for Portals.

Be it intranet portal or client-agent portal, many companies have to deal with the classic struggle of governance for different portal services between the IT department and the end user. It’s important to set limits on what can and can’t be seen or can and can’t be done through the company’s portals as well as who has permissions to access the different sets of data.

Below I’ll discuss a few tips on how your company can enact governance policies that promote user adoption and improve user experience (UX).

Keep It Simple

Don’t set unwanted limits that prevent efficiency and hamper user creativity. The purpose of governance is to secure information while allowing users to explore the platform. Maintain security but keep rules flexible enough to perform tasks without any unnecessary hindrance.

Research End User Input

Do your research. Since portals are made for people to use, they can only be incorporated effectively when you ask the end users what they need and want. This avoids creating governance rules that apply to certain features which won’t be used by the end user.

Ask For Feedback and Improve

“How’s that portal working for you?” Now isn’t that a simple yet effective question to get the ball rolling. Keep user expectations and UX in mind, and follow up to find out where the end users feel a need for improvement.  Showing that you care about the end-users interest will also benefit long term as the users will show more interest in adopting the portal use which your company has invested in.

Don’t Use Jargon

Remember the struggle of learning your alphabets for the first time ever or learning a whole new language in high school? Well, that’s precisely how “tech-speak” is to someone who’s never or rarely been exposed to it. You can’t expect every employee to know the nuances of technical language automatically. It is just far more easy to avoid “tech-speak.” Once the governance plan is set, make sure the information is accessible enough for end-users to use the portal correctly. You’ve done your good deed for the day by creating a plan which is easy to comprehend and follow!

Organize in Sections

Everyone at your company already has a lot of work piled up for them. Reading an 8 pager just to figure out how to sign in to the new portal shouldn’t be one of their tasks. Organize the governance plan into digestible sections. This way it’s easy to brief through what the end user wants to scan through and is relevant to them.

Provide Examples

Provide examples “in context” so users can easily follow and apply the recommendations and guidelines immediately. If the end user is reading through all the material and spending half an hour to figure out something that could’ve been done in two simple steps, let them know they HOW they can! Screen shots of images with clear directions always help reduce blood pressure levels.

Better UX means better the portal, and better portal will in turn drive user adoption. End the governance conflict by implementing the tips above to the governance plan.

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